If we were to say, “it is that time of year again” in reference to the CSU Rams returning to campus this year, you have our permission to stop reading now. (Just in case you haven’t stopped reading already.) Go ahead we’ll wait…

Still here? Fantastic!  

We applaud your fortitude. Speaking of fortitude, we are experts in the subject of choking down bad breakfast food. The Handy was developed out of what we consider necessity, we had endured so many crappy breakfasts, and too many afternoons spent on the *ahem* throne. Enough was enough, breakfast should be healthy, not cause gastrointestinal distress, breakfast should be gluten free, not packed with enough gluten to kill a water buffalo, like some fast breakfasts out there. The Handy was birthed in a kitchen by a grown man wearing nothing but an apron and a hair net. Wait.. forget we said that. All of that research led up to this moment, (that and that a hair net works best when worn on the head and not… never mind.) So, you may be wondering, what the hell is a Handy? A Handy is a unique breakfast, it is kind of like a burrito, but instead of a tortilla, we use an fresh eggs to create a tube of goodness chock full of creamy fillings. Ham, sausage, bacon, we have all of your favorite meats, standing by, basically it is the ultimate breakfast, tons of protein bro. As a result, we are going mobile, we got ourselves a cart. To top that off we will be supplying a steady stream of CSU students Handys around campus and as the Rams take to the gridiron.

You Will Never Forget Your First Handy

If you are just returning to CSU this fall, or are a new freshman, we want to welcome you back to campus. If you have been here before, you know that college is awesome (aside from attending class). Fort Collins is, in its own way, an incredible town for eating, drinking, and general merriment. The sheer number of possibilities to eat crappy are astounding, the drinks however are . That is why we took it upon ourselves to educate CSU students on the benefits of a daily Handy. Whether you stop into our location at 1801 South College Avenue Unit C, have one (or five) delivered to your dorm, or see us shredding the streets in our cart, it is super easy to find a Handy in Fort Collins. So whether it is alone in your dorm room, under a blanket at football game, along the banks of the Poudre river after a night of Fireball shots, or with your buddies, you will never forget your first Handy.    

Handys To Go

We are pretty stoked about our cart. It gives us the opportunity to get out of this stifling kitchen and be among the good people of Fort Collins and Colorado State University. We have been cruising around town spreading the gospel of the Handy to everyone, both young and old. We will be fixtures at the CSU home football games this year, and will be hanging out in section 116 all season. Of course, we will be tailgating before the games as any good fan would, so stop by and say hello!  We will be offering specials like our Super Bowls for only four bucks, what can we say, we love our CSU Rams. Be sure and like us on Facebook for more information about game day festivities and specials.

Haulin’ Handys

Burt “The Bandit” Reynolds had his Firebird, Scooby Doo had a van, Marty McFly had the DeLorean and Handys has the Handy Hauler. Christened with a 40 of the finest malt liquor, our cart is destined to be just as iconic as the rest of those memorable vehicles. Our cart is a high performance, one-dude-powered, three-wheeled transport of goodness. It basically looks like a pedal powered hearse, but quickly transforms into a fully operational Handys outlet. If you see us around town, pedaling like a juiced up Tour De France rider, flag us down, we have a Handy with your name on it.


So come and visit us at our College Ave location, order online or head to section 116 during the Ram football games. If you have never had one, come share a Handy with us and see what everyone’s talking about!