Picture this, you are sitting around on a Sunday morning watching women’s tennis. The Williams sisters can still kill it, we don’t care what anyone says. Anyway, the stacks of brown bottles from the party the night before seem to be weaving a bit from the motion of the earth or something like that. As people may tend to do on occasion, you realize with horror that you may have had just a biiiit too much to drink last night. Now to be clear, at Handys we in no way condone drinking to excess, especially if you are going to get behind the wheel. After all, we deliver, so there is no reason to venture out after a couple of cocktails to find your favorite Handy. And if you do find yourself cracking that 10 AM beer before heading out to tailgate before the CSU Rams game, you can always dial us up and we can deliver a stack of Handys for you and your crew.


Humans have been consuming alcohol for hundreds of thousands of years, and after that long, one would think that we would get better at it, you know, as a species. Alas, this is not the case and many of us will still wake up with a raging hangover. As the saying goes, “choices were made.” Of course, alcohol, for all of its negative, still has an upside for some and can be a source of great joy, even if the memories are a bit fuzzy around the edges. At Handys we want to make your morning after an epic party, a little more tolerable. The Handy has not been around as long as alcohol but the ingredients have always been there, waiting for the right inspiration. Handys is packed with natural, gluten free ingredients and assembled by hand in our very own kitchen. which, by default, makes Handys the ultimate food after a night of drinking, because who needs gluten when you have a Handy?

Emergency Rations

Drinking too much depletes your body of many different essential nutrients and your hangover is caused by these missing elements and dehydration. Of course the cheese fries at 3 AM did not help. So, if you are sitting around at 11:30 on a Sunday morning, still in your Miley Cyrus PJs, staring at the cringe worthy social media posts from the night before, don’t just mope around, get a Handy! Don’t worry, you will not need to expend all that energy heading to our location, just login to handysresturaunt.com and place your order. We can get you back on track and ready for your next big party. Did you know what we do coffee as well? Yeah, some of the finest Boulder Organic Breakfast Blend in huge 96-ounce coffee suitcases. Think of it like that handle bottle of cheap vodka you had last night, but without the ability to create blank spots in your memory.

Beer Goggles

With superior ingredients, gluten free egg wrap, and incredible coffee, Handys Restaurant is the ultimate hangover destination. We recommend the Build-Your-Own handy with: ham, sausage, bacon, sausage, and kale, because those missing nutrients are not going to replace themselves. If you are planning a big blowout this weekend, maybe not drink so much, but if that is not in the cards, you can always rely on Handys for an incredible breakfast. After all, there is nothing like an early morning Handy after a night of partying, and fortunately they look the same even with beer goggles on.