All catering orders should be submitted with minimum 24 hours notice
Delivery fees, gratuity, etc. will be included in the order total, and charged based on your proximity to our location.

Minimum order:

Delivery Fee:
– 0-1 Mile $2.00
– 1-3 Miles $4.00
– 3-5 Miles $7.00
5+ Miles priced on individual basis 

– 0-1 Mile 15%
– 1-3 Mile 18%
– 3-5 Mile 20%
5+ Miles priced on individual basis

Need more information? No problem!
You can email us at
or call the restaurant to speak with someone directly (970)344-4352!

Explore the Catering Menu: 

All Handys are wrapped in our signature 2 egg wrap.
Egg whites or vegan substitute available by request.

Finished with your choice of sauce.