We are pleased to welcome you to Handys Restaurant. Currently, we are spreading the joy of Handys all over Northern Colorado. We are located in Fort Collins but deliver breakfast to the entire area. You really do not know what you are missing until you have your first Handy.

What the Hell is a Handy?

You might wonder how we came up with such a unique breakfast concept? Simple. We wanted to provide our customers with the finest breakfast available, at lightning speed. We looked at the options available for a fast, fresh, and tasty breakfast and all we found were greasy drive-thru, soggy burritos and donuts. We quickly went into a deep depression where we listened to pop punk ballads and watched tons of anime from Japan. Just when the entire staff was about to get a forearm tattoo of a creepy teddy bear or something just as emo, the light switched on. What we need is a Handy. The only problem? Handys did not exist in the form they do today, at least not at first. Originally, we were big fans of burritos for breakfast but many times, the tortillas you get with even the finest gas station burritos are limp and soggy. We were looking for something that stayed firm and did not drip sauce out of the end as soon as you bit into it. Then it hit us. Eggs! Eggs are the perfect medium for wrapping a unique set of ingredients and crafting what just could be called the perfect breakfast. And thus, the Handy was born!

Superior Ingredients

At Handys we are committed to providing our customers with the freshest possible ingredients, one thing we do not do is joke about the quality of our food. We make everything fresh – everyday. We have designed, no engineered, the Handy to be the ideal breakfast no matter what you are into. Kale? Not only do we have kale, but we mix it with spinach. It is so good you can almost hear your seven year old self screaming in disbelief when you take a bite. You can’t have a breakfast without the bacon, even vegetarians have their own version of the smoky breakfast meat. We can make any Handy you want with the savory meat, guaranteed to be one of the best experience of your life.

Ever Expanding Menu

At Handys we feel that if you are not trying new things, you might as well sell donuts. Not that donuts are bad, but there is only so much you can put on a sugared up ball of dough to make it into a fantastic breakfast. Which makes Handys the perfect breakfast. The perfect marriage between, savory, creamy and if you want, spicy. Take our Texas Handy for example. Refried beans, creamy potatoes, chorizo and a three cheese blend. Shut the front door! It’s like Austin in a fluffy egg wrapper! Of course, just because you want the Texas Handy does not mean you are stuck with the same ingredients. You could add kale or bacon, go ahead make a statement! Of course if you are a creative type who likes to build their own tree forts and stuff, we have a build your own Handy option where you can go absolutely crazy with the ingredients.  

Where Can I Get a Handy?

Mouth watering yet? Right now is the perfect time for a Handy! We are poised to take over the Northern Colorado fast breakfast scene and global domination is not too far off. You will not find a Handy at your normal breakfast stop – the gas station, or on the corner of College and Mulberry. The beauty of the Handy is that we bring them to you! Gone are the days when you had to wait for the rollers to heat up the day old hot dog for breakfast. (Is that even safe?) All you have to do is jump online, make a few clicks and *boom* have a Handy delivered to your door, office, cubicle, or desk. (Sorry, no jail cells.)

Get Your Handy Today!

Now that we have your attention, we would just like to thank all of our present and future customers. It is because of you that we make the freshest, most protein packed breakfast in the world. And once you give it a try you will be hooked. Be sure and order one today and start the morning right, because what is waking up without a Handy?