Maybe you woke up with a new batch of nose hairs, or found out that your roommate’s creepy friend used your toothbrush, maybe work just sucks and you don’t want to go. Regardless of what made your day start off on the wrong foot there are a few things that you can do to make it better.

  1. Think Positive – When things suck, motivated people say that it is because of the attitude projected. We beg to differ. There are tons of negative people who have gone on to have amazing careers just by being crappy.
  2. Accept it And Wallow In The Stench –  When your day sucks more than a bucket of ticks, it is time to accept that this is the way it is going to be and there is not a damn thing your can do to change it.
  3. Get a Handy at the Office – Truly the only way to turn the day around.

There are very few things as good as getting a Handy at the office and we can (kinda) guarantee that the rest of the day will be better after that. You might be saying, Nobody has ever gotten a Handy in my office. Well it is up to you to change that. The good folks at Handys Restaurant are busy every day running around providing offices all over Fort Collins with Handys.

Handys In Your Office

We know what it is like, the typical office breakfast is a stale donut and burned coffee that you could swear that someone peed in. (Hey it happens, right?) Much like you upgrade your nerdy, deskbound action figure collection with every new superhero movie, it is time to upgrade your breakfast. A Handy is an egg wrapped, protein packed, gluten free bundle of awesomeness in tube form, more or less. You get to choose from a variety of our specialty Handys or you can build your own with a huge selection of meats, fillings and even stuff like kale. (We also offer vegetarian options.) Just think, you can tell James in HR to shut his trap when he tells you about his smoothie with fermented beet seeds that fights free radicals, because you just ate kale.

We Come to You

Unlike donuts, you do not have to stop in and get the Handys for the office, we offer delivery, as well as catering services. All you have to do is give us a 24 hour notice, it is that easy. Have a big in-person sales meeting? There is no better way to close a deal with a potential client than with a Handy, not only will you make a good impression but it will show that you truly care about your partnership. So whether you are ordering Handys for the whole office, a small intimate sales meeting, or just want your Handy solo in the break room, we can make your day better with our delivery service. Please contact us with any questions you may have, ordering information, and thank you for letting us make your day a little better.