It’s early in the morning and you roll into the office 20 minutes late to yet another meeting. As bad as meetings suck they do serve a purpose, and most of the time someone will bring food. You can enjoy your bagel or donut while you listen to your HR manager drone on about the behavior at the last Holiday Party or your boss trailing off into some quasi-inspirational blubber about teamwork. As lame as that sounds, usually there are some highlights, like when Richie’s donut spits jelly onto his new cargo shorts or when Emily starts sticking bagels in her purse to take home for her cat. (Cats eat bagels?) What could possibly make an early morning meeting much more bearable? Officemate antics aside, the meeting would be much better with a Handy, Hell, what isn’t better with a Handy? Well, much like the famous inspirational football player said, “Life is about showing up.” Now, we have no idea what that means but it sure looks good up on a Powerpoint with a picture of a guy climbing a mountain. Regardless, Handys will show up when you need us, just like the famous football guy said, except we will show up with a bag of hot, delicious Handys. What could be better for an early morning office meeting?   


What exactly is a Handy, you may ask? Well picture a dark corner in a seedy dive bar in a Northeastern town, the smell of the sea permeates your nostrils and a clanging bell echoes through the foggy air. A Handy is nothing like that. A Handy is what we would consider a culinary masterpiece. We take two eggs and use them to wrap all sorts of magical ingredients. It’s like a burrito without a tortilla and better fillings and a kick ass name. It’s what Freddie Mercury would have wanted.       

Office Catering

The office is a magical place and we all know that we can find parallels between that show, (We forget the name) and certain people that reside in your office. There is the guy who spouts inappropriately awkward things, the cat lady, and the weird suck up that desperately wants to please the boss. Despite all of these clashing personalities in the office, it is a place where coworkers can find common ground, and the best way to nurture teamwork and camaraderie is with a Handy. For that next office function/meeting/shindig ditch the tired pizza, soggy donuts, and big sandwiches think outside of the box with a Handys delivered to your office. Experiencing a Handy for the first time will make the day with your coworkers much more manageable and everyone will be smiling until quitting time. So when you want to spice up your next office function, think Handys Catering

Wedding Catering

While we don’t cater many weddings, they seem like the perfect place for a Handy. With the divorce rate at an all-time high, most of us better make the first wedding a good one, because the next might not be so awesome. Now we are not suggesting that we cater your wedding, but there are so many events surrounding the wedding that can warrant a bunch of Handys. And sending the groom down the aisle after a Handy for breakfast might ensure a long happy marriage. As the bridal party is getting ready, the day after the bachelor/bachelorette party and the next day gift opening are all ideal times to cater Handys during your wedding.        

Fast Hot Handys

When you need a Handy for yourself, just stop on by our College Avenue location or order online. When you need Handys for the wedding party or the entire office, simply email us prior to 24 hours before the event and we will have your handys hot and ready, dropped at your office, cave, or whatever. In this world where people are forced to go to the office and make the mistake of getting married, Handys likes to think that we make all gatherings just a little bit better after all, everyone loves a Handy. Contact us today or check out our catering menu online.