For all of you that have been waiting so eagerly for the holidays, whether that be for time off or presents, this magical time is at hand. You could be wishing for the semester to end, your mother-in-law to arrive from the East Coast, or even just ready to suck back a few frothy beverages at the company holiday party; in any case, it can’t get here fast enough. While most of the focus is on the actual holidays, we wanted to talk about the space between, those few weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas that can be excruciating. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to suck. At Handys, we know how to turn a sucky morning into a wildly mediocre day! Because this time of year, being at work or school is not going to get any better, no matter what you do. But when you see our delivery driver skipping into the office, ready to sling some Handys, who can resist a smile? Those egg wrapped tubes of piping hot fillings, slathered in savory sauces will make your mouth water.

Is It a Burrito?

Hell no, it’s not a burrito. It is, however, burrito-esue, it’s like a meta-burrito or a burrito that has been elevated to a higher level of consciousness. Speaking of, do you know that a Handys is gluten free and one of the first gluten free breakfast joints in FoCo? So, if you want to call it a burrito, we don’t care, just don’t get it confused with the limp unsatisfying lump of gluten that generally passes for a breakfast burrito around here, we are better.

The Mid-December Slump

We have already talked about how bad December can suck, and that might be kind of harsh. December is filled with parties, family, and other jovial events, the problem is, you have to wait until after work to enjoy all of this merriment — right? Nope, not with Handys. We can outfit your entire workplace, crew, or stable with bulging, foil wrapped bundles of breakfast goodness. You don’t even need to pick them up, we come to you! Beat the December slump with a morning handy for you and your coworkers.

It’s a Holiday Miracle!            

For many of us, the holidays are a time for reflection. But for those of you that choose to live your everyday existence as an a-hole, it can be a time of bonafide redemption. This is the time of year when you can show everyone what a nice guy you can be. What better way to redeem yourself than to show up with a bag full of Handys for your coworkers. Nothing says you care like a once a year gesture of goodwill. This is particularly true if you are the boss, the best way to gain loyalty is with gifts and what better way to show you care about your employees than with a piping hot Handy stuffed to the seams with kale, onions, soyrizo (!) and our proprietary 3 cheese blend.

Stuff Their Stockings

While Handys are the perfect way to show your coworkers you care, they might not be ideal for gift giving, at least in the traditional sense. We did an independent study in which a Handy was left in a scientifically determined location, (it rolled under the seat in my car) and observed over the period of a few weeks. By the beginning of the third week, the Handy smelled like a rabid javelina with disynetary and mold was starting to replace the fluffy egg wrap. It is not recommended that you wrap food as fresh as Handys inside of an actual Christmas present, for best results they are to be eaten as soon as possible. If you really want to give Handys for Christmas, Hanukkah, or whatever, we are now offering gift cards to make stuffing the stocking that much easier.

The Handys Tradition

As 2018 comes to an end, we look back at all of the Handys we have provided our happy customers. We want to invite you back for 2019 as we have some incredible new things coming in the new year. Be sure and contact Handys directly for catering, delivery, and the best breakfast in Fort Collins. We want to wish you a happy holidays, a happy new year, and Handys under the Christmas tree.