1. A Handy Under the Christmas Tree

    For all of you that have been waiting so eagerly for the holidays, whether that be for time off or presents, this magical time is at hand. You could be wishing for the semester to end, your mother-in-law to arrive from the East Coast, or even just ready to suck back a few frothy beverages at the com…Read More

  2. Handys… Catered

    It's early in the morning and you roll into the office 20 minutes late to yet another meeting. As bad as meetings suck they do serve a purpose, and most of the time someone will bring food. You can enjoy your bagel or donut while you listen to your HR manager drone on about the behavior at the last …Read More

  3. The Fonzie of Breakfasts

    It’s that time of year again. The leaves are changing, the birds are chirping, and there is a slight chill in the...   Wait, what the hell? Does this sound like a Handys blog?   You can bet that we would not put our stamp of approval on garbage like that, after all, we have standards. At Handys,…Read More

  4. The Office Handy

    Maybe you woke up with a new batch of nose hairs, or found out that your roommate's creepy friend used your toothbrush, maybe work just sucks and you don't want to go. Regardless of what made your day start off on the wrong foot there are a few things that you can do to make it better. Think Positiv…Read More

  5. If A Handy Falls in the Woods

    It’s the weekend. Yep, no work, no classes and no responsibility. The weekend is a clean slate on which you can mold into whatever you like. You could head down to the big D for that music fest, but the reason we live in Fort Collins is because Denver sucks. (What?) Alright, alright, Denver doesn'…Read More

  6. Handys, The Ultimate Hangover Food

    Picture this, you are sitting around on a Sunday morning watching women's tennis. The Williams sisters can still kill it, we don't care what anyone says. Anyway, the stacks of brown bottles from the party the night before seem to be weaving a bit from the motion of the earth or something like that. …Read More

  7. Putting the Cart Before the Ram

    If we were to say, “it is that time of year again” in reference to the CSU Rams returning to campus this year, you have our permission to stop reading now. (Just in case you haven't stopped reading already.) Go ahead we'll wait... Still here? Fantastic!   We applaud your fortitude. Speaking of …Read More

  8. Handys in the Wild

    Now that Handys Restaurant has taken the Northern Colorado breakfast scene by storm, we are getting more and more questions about where to get a Handy. And to that we answer, you can get a Handy delivered to you just about anywhere in Fort Collins - this is the United States of America after all! Bu…Read More

  9. Breakfast Is Life, Have a Handy!

    Do you live by the mantra that the most important meal of the day is breakfast? Or are you one of those candy bar and soda type morning people? We could tell you all day how important breakfast is for your overall productivity, wellbeing and attitude, but whatever. Breakfast that sucks is just as ba…Read More